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Chris Gouws

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Chris Gouws

About Us

We sold our first official bottle of SLUDGE in March 2000 when tyre sealant was not something widely known, and punctures were still repaired using a patch and solution.

The late Ian Doveton and I hit the road in our trusted blue Bantam bakkie, with different demo wheels loaded on the back, limited stock and almost no cashflow.

We had to make sales wherever we stopped in order to afford petrol and food for our journey to the next town.

During the course of our travels we saw amazing places and met amazing people who left lasting impressions. Most of these people are still loyal SLUDGE supporters throughout all these years.

As Sludge became more popular, we started going to cycling events and met international people who helped us to expand into new terrain, enabling us export to Europe.

Today, with the help of each and every person using SLUDGE, we have become known world wide as one of the best tyre sealants on earth (perhaps the universe!).